Posting a Job on is a dynamic search engine for job listings. The site compiles job postings from thousands of different websites including staffing firms, job boards, and company career pages. This site is available in 28 languages and in more than 50 countries.

The Impressive Facts About

  • has been recognized as one of the biggest traditional job board sites, with more than 180 million visitors each month.
  • is not only the leading job site in the United States, but also in the world.
  • serves as the number one external hiring source for United States’ employers.
  • More than half of all job searches in America begin on, where job seekers get access to millions of jobs across the world.

3 Ways to Post Your Job Listing on offers three primary ways to list jobs on the site.

1. An organic search may link to a job posting on your site if it is formatted well and does well on online search engines, however there is no guarantee. See the section below entitled, “Tips for Increasing the Views on Your Job Listing From an Organic Search.”

2. Sponsor a job posting

When job seekers search for a job on, the sponsored jobs are featured first for maximum visibility. This increases traffic to your job up to 500% and gets the posting five times more clicks than an organic job.  A typical sponsored job posting ranges from $0.25 – $1.50 per click. Paying per click means that you only have to pay when someone clicks on your job listing. The more you pay per click, the more visible your job is on the site. Another perk with pay per click is that you can set your own budget and your own target goal of customers. does the work for you and strives to meet your goal, but will no longer display your ad once your budget has been reached. They will also allow you to adjust your budget at anytime or stop your post at anytime. No commitments are required.

It is really easy to sponsor a job posting on Once you complete the job posting information, all you have to do is click the option that says “sponsor this job for more reviews” and follow the simple prompts from there.  You can also choose to sponsor a job listing from your own website. You can contact to set this up.

3. Post a job listing for free by creating an account

When you create an account, you’ll enter into fields the most relevant job information to appear in your post like: company; job title; job description; city, state or postal code; job type (which is optional); and salary (which is optional). You will be able to list an email for the applications to be sent to. (This can be different from the email used to register the account.) You can also select the language in which the job posting will be displayed. You’ll then complete a section on “Job Requirements,” where you complete fields stating information on: experience required (if any); an option to ask if the candidate’s current location matches the job’s assigned location; an optional field on licenses required; an optional field on educational level; and an optional field on additional languages required for the job. After entering all the information, you will have a chance to review your job listing and confirm or edit it.

Tips for Increasing the Views on Your Job Listing From an Organic Search is always looking for jobs to add to their sites using search engines, so it is possible to get a link to your online listing by ensuring that your webpage is search engine friendly. Here are some tips to follow to increase the chances of finding and linking to your job listing.

Be specific with the name of the job title.

Make certain that the job title is clear. It should be listed on a separate line at the top of the job listing. Put it in bold to call attention to it. Indeed will not link to it, if it is mixed in with everything else. Kevin Walker, Director of Employer Insights for, notes that your traffic will increase by 1000% with a strong job title.

Include the name of your company, not just a contact email.

This may seem totally obvious, but there are employers that only list an email for a contact, without including the company’s actual name. They assume it is obvious if the job seeker is on their site., however, is seeking job listings that include company names, so be certain to include yours!

Fill out the address field completely, with one physical location.

Be certain to list an address, even it it’s a home address or P.O. Box. really prefers to see one physical location, not multiple locations. List a complete address with a city, state and zip code.

Each job listing needs its own web page and exclusive URL.

If you have pages or job feeds that feature more than one job, will not link to them. So be certain to create a unique URL for every page or job posting.

Make sure your job description is explicit.

Be specific and detailed with your job description. Add lots of keywords related to your industry. Repeating the words in the job title as often as possible in a natural voice is also beneficial. Increasing the keywords is likely to increase the rate that your listing will be found on and by search engines.

Give explicit directions to applicants on how to conclude the application process.

Applicants will need clear instructions on how to complete the application process, whether that is simply clicking a “submit application” button or a message directing them to email their application and supporting documentation to a contact in your company.

Additional Services Offered by

In addition to job searching services for job seekers and job listing for employers, offers a few other services that employers can utilize to find and attract potential employees: Indeed Resume, Mobile Recruiting, and Company Pages.

Indeed Resume: With Indeed Resume, employers can search through millions of resumes posted on the site in an instant by targeting results for specific fields. You are only required to pay for the service when you want to contact a prospective hire.

Mobile Recruiting: 45% of the job search traffic on Indeed comes directly from mobile. Fortunately this service is offered at no extra cost for employers. Your job posting will be made accessible to job seekers who are searching on mobile, helping you reach an even larger audience.

Company Pages: Indeed’s Company Pages help job seekers locate desirable companies, based on their interests and values. Applicants are naturally more attracted to companies that have detailed profiles and greater positive reviews.

The Results of Advertising on

Customers can easily measure the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts on Indeed’s Client Services team will help you determine how to measure results in your area. Indeed is the top external provider of hires and supplies two times more hires than any other similar job site. It is a great tool to help you find the effective employees for your team. Now that you understand how to maneuver the site, you are just a few clicks away from posting a position for your company and finding the perfect candidate!

Avoid getting burned out

Work can be one of your most important passions. For many people, a job isn’t just a means of earning money. A job is also something they care about deeply. Many people make work their literal life’s work. However, pouring all your energy and soul into your job can actually have drawbacks. You may find that doing so leads you to burn out. When you are burned out at work, you can find it hard to concentrate. If you are unable to concentrate, you may find that you are unable to get the results you want at work Fortunately, there are many techniques that you can use to help avoid feeling burned out. Paying close attention to all of your mental and physical needs can help get the most out of the time you spend at work.

Get the Best Possible Nutrition

One of the best ways to avoid feeling burned out at work is to pay close attention to your nutritional needs. Working long hours can sometimes lead to mindless hours of munching on items that are not good for you. You may also wind up grabbing a quick lunch filled with calories and not much else. Instead of fast food and fast lunches, take the time each week to plan out your meals. Create a meal plan that can help you make sure you get the right mix of fat, carbs and protein. You’ll look and feel better. You’ll also find it easier to avoid the mid-afternoon slump and focus more closely at work.

Stay Physically fit

Another important way to avoid burn out is to make sure you get enough exercise. Take the time each day to get at least half an hour of exercise. Exercise helps improve blood flow to the brain. When you take the time each morning to do a brisk walk or go to the gym during part of your lunch hour, you’ll see multiple benefits. You’ll also return to your desk energized and ready to go back to work.

Consider Mini-Vacations

Avoiding burn out is easier if you allow yourself time away from work now and then. You don’t have to get away for an entire week. Schedule at least one long weekend every few weeks or so. Take a trip to the beach in the summer. Go apple picking during the fall. Ski during the winter. Time spent outdoors can help you feel full of energy.

Develop Hobbies

A hobby is a great way to help you develop multiple perspectives on the world. When you spend time making model ships, painting watercolors or decorating cakes, you can become a more well rounded person. A day spent concentrating on creating the perfect flowers for a wedding cake is a day spent developing new ways of concentration and viewing the world. You can then use the skills you’ve learned from your hobby and use them to help you develop new ways of working and new ways of feeling challenged.

The Do’s and Don’ts of an Interview.

You got this

The Do’s of an Interview:

  1. Do, Dress appropriately for the job you’re interviewing for.
  2. Do, Arrive early; 15 minutes prior to the interview.
  3. Do, Give a good firm handshake and make eye contact with the interviewer.
  4. Do, Sit still; avoid fidgeting and moving around.
  5. Do, Maintain eye contact during the interview.
  6. Do, Focus on your strengths and qualifications for the job.
  7. Do, After the interview give a firm handshake.
  8. Do, Go to the interview alone.

The Don’ts of an Interview:

  1. Don’t make negative statements about yourself or the former employer.
  2. Don’t jump around when you’re answering your interview questions.
  3. Don’t chew gum it’s just rude.
  4. Don’t have your cell phone on during the interview.
  5. Don’t look down when you answer interview questions.
  6. Don’t ask about salary and benefits until it comes up.
  7. Don’t appear arrogant
  8. Don’t dominate the interview

Top 5 Questions to Expect at Your Next Interview


Check out our top 5 questions that you are sure to be asked at your next interview.

1: “Tell me About yourself.”

This is where you tell them about something you have accomplish and how it has prepared you for this position. Make it brief, don’t over do it.  

Example:  I have eight years of logistics experience, and the past two years as a manager for XYZ Company. I helped streamline routes, move volume from one location to another to meet deadlines.  On one of these occasions, by streamlining a route I saved the company $200,000.

2: “What is your greatest weakness?”

This is a must answer questions, don’t try to skirt around it. Think hard and give a good example of a skill that you need to further develop. Then give a good example of how you plan to develop this weakness.

Example: I’m not very strong at Excel formulas. But I’m currently taking a class to strengthen my Excel skills.

3: “Tell me why you are applying for this position?”       

Let them know that you see this position as a  step up from your current job and how great an opportunity it will be to work for their company. Stay positive with this answer and don’t make negative comments about your current or last job.

Example:  I am looking at growing my job skills. This position will help me grow and refine my skills. Always think positive, it’s your future.

4: “Where do you see yourself in 4 to 6 years?”

Look at yourself and think where you want be. Make sure to let them know that you still plan to be working for them and that you want to move up in the ranks and not just be stagnant in the position that you are interviewing for.

Example:  3 years from now I would like to have built my skills enough to become a supervisor for your company. I feel that I have the drive and ability to successfully accomplish this goal.

5: “Tell me about a time when you failed?”

Everyone has failed at one point.  Think of a time when a situation didn’t turn out quite like you had hoped or planned.  They are looking at how you took responsibility for your failure and how you learned from it.

Example:  I rushed a project to make a deadline but inadvertently skipped some critical steps.  Fortunately, we discovered the mistake before the presentation was given to clients. I will never make that mistake again.

5 Things Millennials Need to Know About Their Job Approach

5 Things

As a Millennial in the workforce, there are many things that need to be understood in order to be successful. A lot of Millennials have this idea that things will be easy in their job search simply because things have been easy for them so far in life (in a manner of speaking). Unfortunately, many Millennials approach their jobs, once they have them, in the wrong way. You run the risk of not only losing your job, but ruining it for the group of Millennials that want to work hard. As a Millennial, there are a few key things to understand about the way you approach a job. With the right approach, you will be successful and help change the opinion of Millennials in the work force.

  1. Stop Making Excuses. If you want to make an impact in your job, then you need to stop making excuses. Don’t use an excuse if you are running late for work. It is easier to be honest and own up to anything. Traffic isn’t an excuse but you can only use it so many times in one week before it is time to wake up earlier. Don’t make up an excuse if you did something wrong or made a mistake. Own up to it and make it a learning experience.
  2. Dress Appropriately for Work. What you wore Saturday night to the club is not going to cut it at work. If you have a uniform, keep it clean and tidy. If you work in a business setting, dress accordingly.
  3. Don’t Cut Corners. If you are in a job you do not like, change your job. However, you do more harm than good if you don’t like a job and decide to cut corners or not do everything you are asked. Do what is asked of you and if you do not like the situation, change it. Do not make things more difficult for your boss because you do not like the job. If you commit to it then you need to do it all the way. No one said you need to stay in a job that makes you unhappy but think of other people too and do not sabotage it.
  4. Focus on Making a Big Impact. You can explode your career with the right mindset and if you start a job with the goal of making a big impact early on, you will get all of the right kind of attention from upper management.
  5. Spend Time Cultivating Relationships. Get to know your coworkers and the people who work above you. Spend time with them and your time at work will be even more enjoyable. As a Millennial, you grew up hooked to technology. Now, it is time to let that go for a little bit and actually get to know the people you work with. You never know if these relationships could help further your career even after you have moved on.